Winter 2023

Decades before Title IX, women at WWU were laying the groundwork for equality in women’s athletics
Title IX sparked seismic changes in gender equality in education
Basketball gave Gracie Phelps a place to start healing after childhood abuse, and the courage to seek justice.
Hear from a few faculty at Western who are forging ahead in academic fields previously (or still) dominated by men
The team's unofficial journalist became one of the first women sports reporters
How student Eric Becker got that shot
Western’s Sound.Out.Radio makes music for night owls, literally.
Western changed campus lighting to save birds and energy.
Western's cabin on Sinclair Island has a storied history
A look at women's athletics at Western before Title IX
Two national champs, a professional athlete, and a legendary athletics historian
Know a high school student who could follow you to WWU?
One of the great achievements of the women's movement was the enactment of Title IX
His Lavender Country is considered the first openly gay country and western band
Big changes were already under way at Western the year Title IX was enacted.

Class Notes

Zoë Fejeran - 2017

Class Notes (General)

Zoë Fejeran, B.A., art history, is the Western Gallery’s new museum educator. Before returning to Western, Zoë completed a master’s degree in art education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Adam Lincoln - 2006

Class Notes (General)

Adam Lincoln, B.A., political science, became the interim city manager of Pasco. He has been Pasco’s deputy city manager since 2020.

David Swanson - 1972

Class Notes (General)

David Swanson, B.A., sociology, is an emeritus professor of sociology at U.C. Riverside and a population research associate at Portland State University. He and co-authors Jack Baker and Jeff Tayman recently received the E. Walter Terrie Award for State and Local Demography at the Southern Demographic Association conference. The study, “Boosted Regression Trees for Small Area Population Forecasting,” resulted in David’s third Terrie Award; the others were in 1999 and 2016.