How far could a guy get in 1960 with two feet, one thumb and 18 bucks?
This gorgeous peak in southern Alaska could be one of the nation’s most dangerous volcanoes. WWU geologists are looking for clues before disaster strikes.
WWU students and faculty are showing how plastic beach trash can be put to good use somewhere else.
WWU’s Tesla Monson may have found the key to one of evolution’s great mysteries right under our noses.
WWU IN THE NEWS: Teena Gabrielson
19 life-changing days in Ecuador with WWU’s Honors College
Biology’s shell collection has come out of the lab
500-year-old quahog clams can tell us a few things about our changing oceans.
Facing climate change will be the job of people in many fields.
Western hosts the U.S. Holocaust Museum's Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Annual Lecture
Hear from a few faculty at Western who are forging ahead in academic fields previously (or still) dominated by men
Tag along with AS Outdoor Center trip leaders for a late-winter paddle on the Skagit River.
The partnerships mean more opportunities for undergrads
Undergrads working on research alongside world-class faculty mentors is one of Western’s top selling points.
Introducing the Foundation for Western Washington University and Alumni
Wax from marine algae may replace petroleum and animal products in cosmetics
Bowe will work with partners at Palestinian universities on journalism curriculum design, academic research and writing.
Know a high school student who could follow you to WWU?
Hatch's work combines mainstream science and ancestral knowledge
An alum who helped develop a new solar window technology in a lab at Western returns to install the finished product at the Western Gallery
Western changed campus lighting to save birds and energy.
Erik Fretheim, director of Western’s Cyber Security Program, offers a few tips for the rest of us to keep our data out of the wrong hands
Basketball gave Gracie Phelps a place to start healing after childhood abuse, and the courage to seek justice.
Decades before Title IX, women at WWU were laying the groundwork for equality in women’s athletics

Class Notes

Eryn Elyse McVay - 2018

Class Note

Kayla Adams, '16, B.A., theatre, is a theatre artist based in Chicago who recently returned to campus to direct “what the Gods gave me,” written by Eryn Elyse McVay, B.A., theatre. Eryn is working toward an MFA in playwriting at Ohio University, where “what the Gods gave me” premiered last fall.

David Swanson - 1972

Class Note

David Swanson, B.A., sociology, is an emeritus professor of sociology at U.C. Riverside and a population research associate at Portland State University. He and co-authors Jack Baker and Jeff Tayman recently received the E. Walter Terrie Award for State and Local Demography at the Southern Demographic Association conference. The study, “Boosted Regression Trees for Small Area Population Forecasting,” resulted in David’s third Terrie Award; the others were in 1999 and 2016.

Richard Shockey - 1997

Class Note

Richard Shockey, BAE, history, elementary, plans to retire from the Blaine School District after 17 years in the Blaine High School career center, coaching golf teams and, more recently, working as a paraeducator at Blaine Middle School.