Fall/Winter 2015

Jeff Carroll spends his days studying the monster destined to kill him
Western’s fourth president was a lover of big ideas. That made him a target.
A few stories behind – and around – campus landmarks
The Pacific Northwest – known for its microbreweries, breath-taking scenery, and locals who inexplicably love our dreary 10-month winters – is due for an earthquake. But how soon? How bad will it be? And what can we do to prepare for it?
WWU alum and Princeton sociologist Doug Massey explains how U.S. immigration policy reshapes our demographics and our politics
A ‘60s-era student had to face her fears before she could graduate
Kids from WWU after-school robotics program honored for creativity, problem-solving and all-around MacGyvery
“Theater truly has the power to impact lives and change them for the better."
Awards are nice, but Western’s real achievement is our superb learning culture
The trustees hope to appoint Western’s next president in March 2016.
Greenberg and other scientists discovered in the ‘80s that bacteria communicate by releasing a chemical: When the concentration of the chemical rises, the lights go on.
Visitors can purchase WWU–branded items and sip complimentary Viking Blend coffee from The Woods Coffee
During construction, new WWU graduates will walk across the stage in the Performing Arts Center or Civic Field
Aalto's "The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh" was recently published by Timber Press.
What's the best joke you ever told?
What do firefighting and teaching have in common?
How do your own life experiences influence your plays?

Class Notes