Summer 2018

Western’s eight IDEA Changemaker Fellows work to bring the change they want to see in the world
WWU faculty member’s work to better understand Huntington’s disease gets a boost from the company developing a drug showing early promise.
Western's Student Recreation Center hosts a collegiate climbing competition
Strategies for fighting a growing threat to the West
Ian Vincent thought strong men didn’t talk about their pain. The silence almost killed him.
TJ Martin knows we can handle tough, emotionally complex stories
Brandon Doak creates ephemeral art with the tips of dry-erase markers
After an impressive debut at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, WWU student Breezy Johnson returns to Western
Here are a few fellow Vikings you’ll be glad to know about
John Bergen, PJ Ohashi, and Josiah Johnson
Western will soon offer two new degree programs, thanks to funding from the State Legislature
Artist Ann Morris gives her breathtaking Lummi Island studio grounds to Western
Caitlin Chinn's photos capture life as a wildland firefighter
Western’s new Sustainability Action Plan includes social equity, economic vitality and human health
It turns out they’re an economic engine for their communities
Since the day Western first opened its doors, our students, faculty, staff and alumni have strived to think ahead and take action.
Alumni membership continues your relationship with Western
Beyond Language: Creating Opportunities for Heritage Speakers
Re-entry programs for formerly incarcerated students
Conservation’s landlord-tenant problem
Zero-Waste Roadtrip
Sharing a passion for Mexican music and culture
A fitness program for womxn of color
Human Rights for Undocumented Immigrants
Valuing the Unpaid Labor of Students of Color
Students in this 1979 photo prepare for a student video production

Class Notes

Ijeoma Oluo - 2007

Class Notes (General)
Ijeoma Oluo (B.A., political science) is editor at large of The Establishment, an online media platform run and funded by women. Her writing on social justice has appeared in The Guardian, The Stranger, the Washington Post, Time magazine and more, and her book, “So You Want to Talk About Race,” will be published by Seal Press in January. Oluo recently spoke on campus about race, gender and social change, as well as writing about politics.

Sarah Myhre - 2006

Class Notes (General)
Sarah Myhre, B.S., biology – marine emphasis, is a research associate at the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography. She is also a grassroots organizer, writer and member of the boards of directors of 500 Women Scientists and the Center for Women in Democracy. She recently spoke in the Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series. 

Sarah (Sanders) Harless - 2000

Class Notes (General)
Sarah (Sanders) Harless, B.A., psychology, is an attorney in Wisconsin who was recently elected to be a judge in Eau Claire County. She was inspired to go to law school while volunteering as a WWU student at a domestic violence shelter in Bellingham.