Students put their skills to work for Edmonds

Western's Sustainable Communities Partnership works with one community each year
Trisha Patterson

Above: Huxley student Kimberly Diep looks through a refractometer, which the students use to measure the salinity of the water in Edmonds Marsh.

In April, five students from Huxley’s Environmental Science program traveled to Edmonds to test water for contaminants in Edmonds Marsh and document vegetation cover in the area.

The students gathering the data will present their work later this spring to city officials, who are weighing whether to buy land there. It’s all part of the Sustainable Communities Partnership, in which Western students and faculty partner with one community each academic year on projects related to the city’s sustainability efforts.

Eleven classes tackled service-learning projects for Edmonds during the '16-'17 academic year. Student groups have studied walkability in downtown, designed recreation programs, and even produced a digital map of the Edmonds Cemetery.

In June, students and faculty will travel to Edmonds once more for a final celebration event hosted by the partnership. Meanwhile, the process is under way to select the next Sustainable Communities Partner. Learn more at