A History of Western in 125 Objects

A collection of items and stories from WWU and alumni
Window magazine staff
a brick painted with muticolored stripes and polka dots and gold stars with "Stefanie" painted on the side
an early 1900s football program cut out in the shape of a football
a man stands behind a humongous, broad-leafed plant that is as tall as him

Earlier this year, Window magazine published a collection of (more than) 125 objects that tell Western's stories. 

It started as a celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Washington State Legislature establishing a normal school in Whatcom County. But we've surpassed 125 objects and the list keeps growing, thanks to dozens of alumni who sent us pictures of objects and the stories they tell.

A page from an ornately written record of the first Board of Trustees meeting
a 1980s-style yellow upholstered desk chair
a plaque above the doorway to Edens Hall, "Here is the Home of Color and Light."