Border Policy Research Institute begins new cross-border research projects

The partnerships mean more opportunities for undergrads
Window magazine staff

Western’s Border Policy Research Institute is joining two Canadian universities to explore several complex issues and events facing the border region between British Columbia and Washington state.

The 21st Century Borders Partnership, a seven-year, multimillion-dollar research collaboration led by researchers at the University of Victoria, will undertake several research projects, including cross-border natural disaster management and planning for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, whose host cities will include both Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle.

The BPRI will also work with an international team of public health experts at Simon Fraser University on a two-year project to examine the impact of COVID-related travel restrictions and develop tools to mitigate travel measure inequities in the future.

These partnership projects—both funded by the government of Canada—will provide capacity for the BPRI to train and network undergraduate students and a post-doctoral fellow at WWU.

The BPRI is a multidisciplinary institute that undertakes research that informs policymakers on matters related to the Canada—U.S. border, particularly in the British Columbia—Washington state region.

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