Alumni Conversations: Why we do what we do

Marke and Angela Greene

As proud WWU alumni, we are dedicated to Western—to its mission, to its students, to the hardworking faculty and generous staff who make our alma mater the special place it is. One of our great pleasures in recent years has been serving on the scholarship committee for the WWU Alumni Association. Every year, the committee uses funds from alumni membership, alumni donations, revenue from alumni events, and proceeds from the sale of Woods Viking Blend coffee to give deserving students scholarships. It was learning of the close link between WWU Alumni Association membership and activities to student scholarships that called us to contribute our time to the committee. We have the pleasure of reviewing hundreds of applications and awarding students much-needed support. With increased alumni involvement, an even greater number of the amazing and inspiring applicants will receive awards.

Getting by in college isn’t always easy. Beyond tuition, many of our students are experiencing the rising cost of housing; they work extra jobs on and off campus to make ends meet; they have to purchase books, laptops, and other supplies to get through classes. And then there’s the hard work of learning. We know that these scholarships aren’t covering everything, but as we remember our undergraduate years, we know every little bit helps towards a student’s success.

This year’s scholarships had a boost from the Double Major: Death Cab for Cutie and ODESZA concert. A portion of concert proceeds went to the Alumni Scholarship Fund, and this year, we recognize two students: Cosmos Cordova and Avrey Scharwat as “Double Major” scholars, each receiving $2,000. We’re grateful to these generous alumni for coming home and bringing so much back to Western.

We encourage you, our fellow alumni and friends, to join us, Death Cab for Cutie, ODESZA, and the entire WWU Alumni Association board in supporting the WWU Alumni Association through membership. We look forward to seeing you all at the many upcoming alumni events in the coming year.

Go Viks!

Marke and Angela Greene

Marke and Angela Greene are members of the WWU Alumni Association Board Scholarship Committee

Photo by Rachel Bayne