Alumni Conversations: Stronger Together

Introducing the Foundation for Western Washington University and Alumni
Scot Studebaker, Andrea Sturm
Andrea Sturm
Andrea Sturm, Chair of the WWU Foundation

At the WWU Alumni Association annual membership meeting on Thursday, March 9, a unanimous vote merged the Association and the WWU Foundation to form the Foundation for Western Washington University and Alumni. Following that vote, both the Alumni and Foundation Boards voted in favor. Effective July 1, 2023, this momentous decision will unify the work of the two organizations for the benefit of our University to advance the mission and strategic goals of Western, deepen engagement of alumni and broader community and inspire philanthropy (time, talent and treasure), secure and steward private investments to provide the resources necessary in the pursuit of academic excellence and inclusive achievement at WWU.

We, and our follow board members, couldn’t be more excited and optimistic for what the future holds.

Our new organization will create and foster community, provide resources and experiences designed to bring alumni together, encourage lasting relationships between alumni and WWU and identify ways for alumni to stay involved with their alma mater.

We want, and in fact, need, you to engage with us for the benefit of this and future generations of Western students.

There are so many ways to become and remain active including encouraging prospective students to attend Western, advocating for Western at the legislative level (via Western Advocates), engaging with social media and sharing Western stories, attending an alumni activity, serving on an advisory board, mentoring students via WE Connect, helping a student find a meaningful internship or their first job and making a philanthropic gift to support your favorite academic program, scholarship, student club or team. There are so many ways for you to be involved.

All of our experiences at Western have been built on the shoulders of those who have come before us. The traditions (official or non-official!), academic programs, campus life, the beautiful physical space, athletics, clubs and organizations, each has added just a little bit to who we are today. Whether you graduated before south campus extended past Carver Gym or you walked across the stage last December or you have made Western a part of your life as a member of the greater community, you have contributed to what makes this place special.

We look forward to your continued engagement with the Foundation for Western Washington University and Alumni and welcome your participation. Please reach out to us at to tell us how you want to support those who now benefit from the legacy you have left at WWU.

Scot Studebaker
Scot Studebaker, '90, President of the WWU Alumni Association

are president of the Alumni Association and president of the WWU Foundation, respectively.

Campus photo by Luke Hollister