Alaska stories: Eowyn Ivey's favorite books about Alaska, by Alaskans

“Two Old Women,” by Velma Wallis: “An inspiring and gripping story based on an indigenous legend about two women who are abandoned by their people in the middle of winter.”

“Ordinary Wolves,” by Seth Kantner: “Depicts the contrast between rural and urban life in Alaska. Beautifully written and brutally honest.”

“The Raven's Gift,” by Don Rearden: “A vivid, page-turning thriller that follows a young teacher as he struggles to survive in the Alaska wilderness after an epidemic.”

“Turn Again,” by Kris Farmen: “Set in 19th century Alaska, and it has it all—romance, murder, shape-shifting—yet it remains compassionate and true.”

“The Woman Who Married a Bear,” by John Straley: “Northern noir with a poetic heart, featuring investigator Cecil Younger. I was so thrilled to learn that Straley's tenth Cecil Younger book is coming out next year.”