We asked, you answered

Highlights from the 2023 readership survey

Our many thanks to the 760-plus Window magazine readers who answered the Magazine Readership Survey from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. 

Here’s what we learned: 

Print, Please: More than 88 percent of you want to see Window magazine in print, at least in combination with our online edition. Nearly 12 percent of you want to read only online. 

Act after reading: More than 78 percent of you say you take some sort of action after reading Window, including: 

  • Discussing or forwarding an article or issue: 41.3 %
  • Saving an article or issue: 38.4 %
  • Recommending Western to a potential student or family member: 32.3 %
  • Attending an event: 30.4 %
  • Visiting Window’s or Western’s website: 26.1 %
  • Making a donation to Western: 24.8 %

Whatever Window inspires you to do, we thank you!

We value our time together: More than 84 percent of you say Window magazine make you feel more connected to Western. And 78 percent of you say you read every or most issues. More than half—55 percent—spend more than 30 minutes reading the magazine. 

Diverse interests: You’re interested (or very interested) in reading about a variety of topics: 

  • Student research/academic experiences: 73.1 %
  • Institutional history and traditions: 72.5 %
  • Cultural events and performances: 72.2 %
  • Environmental issues: 71.8 %
  • Issues facing higher education: 70.5 %
  • Campus facilities and growth: 70.4 %
  • Arts and culture: 70.3 %
  • Faculty research: 67.5 %
  • Issues facing the local community: 67.4 %
  • Science, technology, and engineering: 67.3 %
  • Alumni in their professions: 65 %
  • Student achievements: 64.9 %

Finally, a special thanks to the two alums who received a $50 Amazon gift card for completing the survey: Hannah King, ’09, and Jason Rogers, ‘97. The questionnaire was anonymous, but people were given the option to share their email address to enter the drawing for the gift cards.