SEA Discovery Center reopens in Poulsbo

The free public aquarium is home to saltwater denizens of the Salish Sea
Window magazine staff
Volunteer opportunities have already resumed: email for more information

The sea critters and marine science exhibits are back at the newly reopened SEA Discovery Center in Poulsbo.

The free public aquarium on Poulsbo’s Liberty Bay Marina is now home to dozens of sea stars, anemone, crabs, saltwater fish and other denizens of the Salish Sea in saltwater touch tanks and aquariums. New curator Emily Bjornsgard, ’20, B.S., biology – marine, is a jellyfish expert who plans to bring the translucent, pulsating beauties to the center, too.

In addition to the tanks, the SEA Discovery Center will host educational programs such as an exhibit this summer, “Orca: Shared Water, Shared Home,” exploring orca and salmon habitats in the Salish Sea. While elementary school field trips will begin again this fall, volunteer opportunities have already resumed: email for more information. Bridget Anderson, ‘88, B.A., speech communication, recently became the center’s director of operations and outreach.

The center reopened on May 20 after two years closed during the height of the Covid pandemic. During the closure, the sea creatures were fostered with other marine life centers while the building itself got some cosmetic upgrades.