A question for Robyn Goldblatt (’11), trip-of-a-lifetime designer

What was your best worst day?

One of my best-worst days traveling would have to be mid-way through my trip to Tanzania last November. I was staying in the most stunning place I had ever been to — Greystoke Mahale, in the Mahale Mountains National Park. The main draw to this place is trekking out into the mountains to observe wild chimpanzees. The only way to reach this camp is by taking a couple-hour boat (dhow) transfer down/up Lake Tanganyika – the world’s longest freshwater lake. It’s a beautiful, scenic ride, but on my de-parture day the water was choppy and I got incredibly seasick. Those two hours felt like an eternity. But I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It was absolutely worth it to visit such a re-mote, untouched, unspoiled place that few have the opportunity to experience.

Robyn Goldblatt (Business - Management), a trip designer for Outside GO, with elephant and wildebeest skulls at the Chem Chem Conservancy in Tanzania.